What We Offer?

Are you forgetting your financial commitments often?

Gone are the days when our lives used to be simple. Our financial security only meant stashing away a little amount under our pillow and we were set for the future. Not anymore!

Today, there are thousands of options to save money and make it work for you than vice versa. But the catch is how to remember all of that. while out financial portfolios are bulging and the reminder folders are swelling, it does happen more often that we forget an important date, for example, paying up our premiums in time and sometimes we can forget even the date on which we have to make our repayment payment on the various loans that we have borrowed.

What happens when you do not do this on time? Obviously, you pay a penalty, a hefty fee for forgetting the last day of the deadline!

Presenting a single application that will take care of all your financial commitments across all banks and institutions.

Tracks all your credit card and bank transactions:

The application requires a general permission from all your other banking apps on your phone and integrates all the details into one place. So when you want to know what is up for the month, you now need to open and check one application only. Isn’t that convenient?

The app is compatible across all the platforms:

The app can be downloaded on an android or iOS platform. The application needs to be downloaded for security reasons and we recommend that you do not use the web version. The best part is that the application is free for the first year of its download. The customer has the option to pay for its use from the second year if he so deems fit.

The fee is nominal and it helps us to maintain and upkeep the site in order for more efficient use. The premium version of the app has also other features that are not present in the basic version.